PEPPERS AND EGGS When Christopher, Tony Soprano's nephew, was convalescing in the hospital after his near-death experience, his mother visited him and promised to make him "Peppers and Eggs with Round Bread" when he came home. Italians everywhere must have smiled at that. Whoever hasn't enjoyed this combination, has something to look forward to.

3 large eggs
Olive oil, 1 to 2 tablespoonfuls
1 large fresh pepper or vinegar peppers (hot or sweet) sliced or large pieces.
Round crusty bread. (Tuscan or Sicilian)
Salt to taste.
Add olive oil to medium frying pan. Add peppers and fry under medium heat until skin turns dark. If vinegar peppers are used, heat for one to two minutes. At this point you can scramble the eggs and then add them to the pan or add them and scramble while they are cooking. (Tony S. likes the second choice.) Cook a few minutes or until no more runny shows. Serves 1.