POTATO PANCAKES Francesca Paterno,Gloria's grandmother,brought this recipe with her in the 19th century when she came over here from Sicily. Above all, she says, don't use freshly made mashed potatoes.The best, according to Gloria , are mashed that are at least a day old and were made from Idahos.
1.Left over mashed potatoes.Work with them when they are cool.Use a pile big enough to make about six cakes , 1/2 inch thick and as big as a hamburger.
2.Add a beaten egg.
3.Add 1/2 cup freshly ground Reggio Parmesan Cheese.
4.Add2 to 3 tablespoons dried parsley flakes.
  1. salt and pepper to season
Mix everything in bowl with a fork or spoon. Shape into oval patties 1/2 inch thick. Add enough canola oil to cover fry pan
Brown on both sides.