Anne and our 1953 Mercury and 1950 Oldsmobile

I don't think I was the only person who reacted with a twinge when General Motors announced it was discontinuing the Oldsmobile. A twinge is probably a good word to use here, because that is what one got when he floored the accelerator and brought the transmission into it's passing gear.You could feel the snap in your neck as the car lurched forward.Hudson Motor Company had a competing auto called the Hudson Hornet. The competition that existed between marketing divisions of each company spilled over onto the highway when owners of these two vehicles met side by side at traffic lights or agreed locations. Those who did not own either car had their opinions about which one could beat the other. If your favorite lost an actual competition, it was because the driver lacked the ability or guts to come out on top.It couldn't be the car.( See Movie : Rebel Without A Cause )

The Oldsmobile is also remembered for the first automobile to have an automatic transmission ( hydramatic). Evolutionists predicted the left foot, with no need to step on a clutch, may go the way of the tail.
The Mercury is shown as an example of a poor decision. At the time ,three years(1950-1953), seemed like a good reason to trade"up" from an Olds to a Merc.