WITH IT and OUT OF IT at the same time

When the first I Pod became available, I had to have one. When the option to publish your own web-site came on the scene, I started writing. I couldn't resist being one of the first to have High Def . The concept of the lap-top was irresistible ; it made it possible to have a wireless network with my desktop. I stopped buying print books and read on my Kindle. Facebook is checked daily, although I don't think the concept will endure.
When the local democrats needed help in the campaign to elect a congressman, I eagerly volunteered. When the idea hit me to bring fifteen family members together for a re-creation of the old-fashioned Sunday Gravy dinner, I started shopping , planning and cooking.( See KITCHEN for Sunday Gravy and Bracioles ) . All-season golf is part of my life as are morning trips to the local cafe for coffee and discussion . Rides along Rtes 6A and 28 with Gloria and Kramer for lunch are an important activity.
As the song goes, "these are a few of my important things." And what one might call being " with it. "

Now , for the " out of it "

This morning , I was in the check-out line at the market when a lady placed a huge flowering plant on the counter. I said, " that looks nice, what is it ? "
" A space plant, it will keep producing these pretty flowers."
I wasn't really interested in the name of the plant, I wanted to know how much it cost. I gathered my stuff and waited to see the cash register display. Up came " $ 4.99 ".
I said, " not a bad price either. "
The register lady said ," boy are you out of it ! . I just scanned the card, here's the plant ! "
" $25.00 plus tax "
"That must be a mistake. If I were you " I said to the lady, " I'd call the manager."

I am amazed in the same store when I see one whole aisle devoted to nothing but water. I will only buy a bottle of water if a stand should appear in Death Valley while I was lost for five days in the sun.

When I find myself paying 75 cents for a lemon or a dollar for an orange, there is a twinge in the back of my head that causes me to think I must be crazy. When I was a kid working in the corner grocery store , with that much money, a family could eat for two days.

Tattoos are for drunken sailors . Nose rings are for Ubangis and low-hanging jeans are for someone who is in a hurry to find a bathroom.

Since I am only 83 , there may be hope for me later. This was written 3 years ago, I am now 86 ......some things have changed with the " with it " but not much change with the "without it"