Chemistry 001

Garlic reduces fats and cholesterol and closeness of friends
Red Wine will reduce cholesterol ( The Good Stuff will, also reduce your wallet )

Antioxidants prevent cancer and reduce cholesterol ( Might be good to know what they are ) Next year's class.
How can cut flowers be made to last longer ?
Add the contents of the little envelope into warm water and submerge newly cut stems . No envelope? Use 1 pint of warm water with 1 pint of lemonade . Some sugar and citric acid .

Why not use dish detergent and steel wool pad together?
Dish detergent is an anionic detergent. Steel wool pad has cationic detergent. Anions(negative) and cations ( positive ) attract and the two detergents combine to make a useless product. Steel wool rusts faster if anionic detergent is used.

Why do dynamite users develop headaches ?
Not because the job is worrisome.

Dynamite is nitroglycerin and sawdust. Nitroglycerin is sometimes used for angina pectoris to dilate the coronary arteries.A small tablet is swallowed when person experiences chest pain. Nitroglycerin also dilates arteries in the head, causing ache.

  1. What are free radicals? If this were a political science course, the answer would be : A communist or fascist not in jail. In chemistry it is an unstable structure with an odd or unpaired electron. These structures can be destructive in the body.