I Hope God Grades On A Curve

I Hope God Grades On A Curve. If we assume that the world population since the appearance of man on this earth has been made up of individuals ranging from the worst sinners to the saintly and every shade in between , then we would find that there is a normal distribution of worthiness.

The curve is bell-shaped. On the left and the right of the curve is a small area noting the presence of the extremes. In the middle is a large area where the vast majority resides. The question that looms is: where does God draw the line on the left for perdition and the line on the right for canonization?

Most of us can be assured that neither line will reach where we are on the curve. Only God, according to most theological thought, deals in absolutes. Therefore, the lines are sharp and nonnegotiable. It is kind of like waiting in line to board the last train home and the conductor closes the doors just before, or just after, you get aboard.

What about Purgatory? In that case , God has drawn a second line on the left which includes an area of distribution composed of sinners who can jump either way ..to the left and eternal loss or to the right and eternal salvation.Sort of like God providing cattle cars at the rear of the train to hold this group. Occasionally, a car is disconnected and allowed to flounder or a car is converted into a coach to join the main section of the train.

Keep in mind that in the scheme of life and salvation, there are only a few of us with As , a few with Fs and most of us with Gentlemen Cs.