Decisions Decisions

When it comes to snap decisions that can mean life or death, there is no creature, human or otherwise , that can compare to a squirrel.
Drive on a street in my neighborhood and most likely you will encounter a squirrel on the road ahead of you. The little guy feels the pickings are better on the other side and wants to cross over. Sometimes he must decide , when a vehicle approaches , with no time for introspection , to either continue on his journey or abruptly turn back.

I believe his high success rate in making the right decision came about by the trial and error of his ancestors, in other words, evolution. His brain is wired to make the right decision because he has a built in GPS and Atomic Clock that can tell him in a fraction of a nanosecond where the oncoming vehicle is located, its velocity, his location in the road , his running speed and percentage of successful decisions based on the previous data.

As the driver and potential squirrel squasher , I cannot adapt to the situation. I must continue on my way and hope for the best.
It is a good feeling to be able to say, "good choice little guy".