Lost Dog
I had just left the Golf Course and while driving along the Service Road in Sandwich my mind was on the score I could have had if I had made this or that putt. The traffic was running smoothly in both directions and as usual too fast for a two-way street.

There it was. A small black and white dog walking along the middle of the road toward my car. I slowed down and the dog walked to my right. I stopped and opened the passenger door. The dog, a Boston Terrier looked in at me . I said , " Get in" and after a few seconds he got the message and jumped in the car.

At this point, I noticed a car behind me going slowly.It passed and the driver looked at me. I could feel the frantic feelings the owner must have while looking for the little guy. All I could think of was our dog Kramer if he was in a similar situation. My mind turned to the guy who looked at me as he passed. He saw me open the door to my car and witnessed the dog jumping in. Did he take my license number as a " dog-napper " to report to the police?
The terrier snuggled in next to me and wanted to sit on my lap.So much for loyalty to his owner! I made a U-turn and entered a side street nearby,from where the terrier probably meandered. I noticed two little girls playing on the side of the street and approaced them slowly.

THEN IT HIT ME! Here I am, an elderly man with a cute little dog in his car ready to talk to little girls. It's a wonder I got to ask the question and nobody came with handcuffs. Yes, they know the owner of the dog... "the house with the black garage doors across the street." I pulled into the driveway and walked up the path to the front door. This was my day for little girls. Of course, she didn't want anything to do with this stranger on her doorstep." Is your Mommy home? " Just then a thirtyish woman arrived and asked what I wanted , while keeping her door open about two inches.
"Do you own a Boston Terrier?"
"Yes! He's in the back."
"No he isn't , he's in my car right there in your driveway."
" I found him on the Service Road and was afraid he might get hit by a car, so I picked him up and here I am."
" Thanks."
" Will you go to my car to get your dog?"
Decision time. "Shall I open the door more than two inches to get my dog and risk an encounter with this strange looking guy on my doorstep?" The decision was made.She walked to my car. I opened the door and presented her with her dog. She simply took him from me and walked to her back yard. I was sorry to see the little guy go.