What do Living Human Embryos , Immigration and Illegal Drugs have in common?

The solutions to these problems cannot be achieved by outlawing stem cell research, building bigger and better fences or cracking down on drug pushers. The solution for each lies with greater emphasis on control of their sources.
Let's look at the embryos. A federal judge recently denied the use of federal money to support stem cell research on the grounds of " the dignity of human life." The argument is made that research on living embryos requires the taking of life with the goal of saving another life.
The affront to the dignity of life does not begin with the stem cell research but with the uncontrolled harvesting of the female eggs. Where is the "dignity" in gathering a large number of ova ,fertilizing them and then selecting only one or a few embryos for insemination? Do those embryos that do not "make the cut " live in dignity in frozen jars? Do some or many end up thawed , by plan or accident , and thus not viable and in need of disposal?
If embryos for research are considered immoral, so are embryos for artificial insemination. In both cases, an argument can be made that human life is destroyed for a higher goal... the saving of a life through stem cells , or a birth of a child with insemination .
If the use of embryos for research on stem cells is immoral so is the use of embryos for in vitro insemination .

Now let's examine immigration. Most Americans feel it isn't right that people from other nations to our south can easily cross our border and live here illegally? The solution seems so easy. All we have to do is close the border. It may be that no level of closure will prevent an illegal from trying and succeeding. As long as we implicitly welcome them with jobs as farm workers and other low-level forms of employment..they will come. Since we enjoy the fruits ,sic , of their labor , with low prices at the produce department , we may not appreciate the increased prices that would ensue if decent wages were paid to legal Americans. So, enforced labor laws concerning the hiring of illegals, would seem to be a better solution than building fences, even if our spinach costs more.

There is no solution to the drug problem if we continue to try and apprehend the sellers. It may be time to concentrate on the users, who are the source of the problem. Without buyers, there will be no sellers and thus no drug problem.

With embryos, we should look at the source....egg harvesting. And with illegal immigration we should pay attention to the source....hiring of illegals. And with drugs, we should concentrate on the source...the users.