A Pig Roast In Miami

It was a snowy cold afternoon and I decided to wake up from my snooze on the recliner. Gloria had the TV on one of her favorite channels, the Food Network , so I thought I would watch for a while, especially since it was getting close to supper time and all those delicious concoctions can get the stomach juices sputtering.

I caught the show when a photo like the one above appeared on the screen. A pig roast was about to be presented.
The preparations of cooker , charcoal, basting and general all-around well-practiced routines took place. When the pig was ready for serving, I wondered if the channel somehow shifted to a CSI show. The presentation looked like a victim on Doc's autopsy table.

Then, it happened.
The head cook announced to his guests that the pig was ready to eat and men, women and children scurried over to the animal and began to tear sections of meat off the carcass. I thought for a second that Gloria or the network shifted the channel over to the National Geographic Channel. It was like watching a pride of lions ripping at the carcass of a zebra.

There was more than a little elbowing to get a choice position. Shreds of meat were dripping from the corners of mouths .Some were able to chew and pull on another piece at the same time. The relative speed of the departure from the table was more like a crawl than the pouncing at the beginning. Bellies were full and not even thinking about the next hunt and kill.
It is quite possible that this display of carnivorial gastronomy prompted more than one viewer to consider vegetarianism.
The only one missing from the party was Marlin Perkins.