The Sandwich Enterprise is a weekly paper and one of our favorite sections is the Police Reports. We were especially amused by the second incident listed here.
I hope to get further details :
Why an outhouse in an upscale neighborhood?
Did it meet Title 5 regulations for septic systems?
How did the driver know the facility was occupied at 5:54 .M. or did he ?
What was the cleanup like?
Are there any photos of the crime scene?
Was this a revenge tip-over?
Was alcohol involved?
How did the resident present the information to the officer on duty at the station?
How did the officer react when he heard the story?
Was the driver charged and if so with what?
Is this a hoax perpetrated by the resident ? The Police ? The Sandwich Enterprise?
Could the vehicle have been a horse-driven wagon and the whole event occurred in 1690?