Wise Remarks and Not So Wise Replies

1. Roche Brothers Market has an outdoors area where, in warm weather , they display fruits and vegetables. One day last winter, when it was quite cold outside, the only product on display was Poland Spring bottles of water. I didn't know the temperature , but I was quite sure it was in the thirties. I asked a young clerk if the bottles contained anti-freeze. He replied, "Gee! I don't know but I can ask the manager. "
Please don't !
2. Stop and Shop has a new seafood department. I noticed a tray of raw shrimp and asked the clerk if they were de-veined. He said, " Gee ! I don't know but I can probably ask for some with veins if you want them . "
Please, nevermind!
3. The Nails shop has three chairs for customers who want pedicures. I was seated in one having my toe-nails clipped and whatever else she does to make them livable . A lady was seated in a chair next to me. On the shelf between us , she had two small bottles of polish, different shades of red . She finally said to her pedicurist , " I can't decide between these two. Can you tell me which one is the most popular? " She was told and seemed satisfied. I said to her, " Good choice, but I think I'm going with the other one. "
My pedicurist set the bottle aside for me and the lady said , " Whatever you like. "
Please, I was only kidding.
4. At a store entrance in Sandwich , a lady asked if I would like to buy a poppy for Memorial Day. I said , " I bought one yesterday when I was in Flanders Field. " She said, "Thank you for buying one. "
Please, I'll have another.