I recently visted a Wal Mart Vision Center to purchase a pair of single vision glasses which I hope will help my golf game.I thought I would try out the glasses by viewing an array of Optometry licences on display.I was ready to return them when I saw one name with a string of i's and o's. I quickly learned that it was not my vision that was impaired, it was the shock of reading the full name. The optometrist's name was MICHAEL CHIOCCHIO. I turned to the person who was waiting on me and asked her if she new the translation of Michael's last name,which is pronounced " kee-o-kee-o". She said she didn't but would like to know since she had been working with him for a long time. When I told her CHI means WHO and OCCHIO means EYE,her reaction was similar to mine. What are the chances that an optometrist would have the name EYE?
Michael happened by and I asked him if he knew what his name meant. There was the outside chance that he sought the profession because of his name. He said he didn't find out until a few weeks ago when an Italian speaking customer told him. Maybe his parents and grandparents didn't tell him because they didn't know.His great-grandparents were probably like too many immigrants who thought it Un-American to use anything but English around their kids. In any event, I think it is a beautiful name and Michael should be proud to own it. I'm sure he can see that.