The Stolen Tape

We have two granddaughters , Emilia and Grace , who live in rural Greenfield MA. They are nine and eleven years old and daughters of a mother who has enjoyed horses and riding for many years. Combine the genetics with the opportunity and of course we have two girls who like anything equine.
Frank, who is known as Dad , asked Mike , who is known as Papa, if he would tape some Mister Ed Shows and mail the tape to the girls. Dad told the girls about the talking horse show that was widely popular when he was a kid and they were very interested.
Papa taped the shows , which were shown at 3:00 A.M. and 9:30 A.M. daily , and shipped it off by Parcel Post after packing it carefully in a post-office supplied packing envelope. The package was addressed to Grace and Emi with a complete return address .
Greenfield is only 150 miles from Sandwich and Papa was assured it would arrive in a few days. Two weeks went by and no delivery.
Today I received a notice from Atlanta that part of the envelope was located but the contents were missing. The envelope was torn open to retrieve the tape. Whoever did this , probably thought he was getting a juicy porn tape. I would have loved to be there when he played the tape and heard ... " a horse is a horse, of course, of course " and " Hello .... I am Mister Ed "