The Navy recruiting office was located on Main Street in Brockton , next door to Kemp's Pool Parlor. When you think of it, what better place to set up shop than right next door to your potential customers? It was inevitable that one day I would walk in to look around. I was intrigued by the posters in the window. One that caught my attention was a medic administering first aid to a Marine .I couldn't understand why this poster was in the Navy office and not further down the street in the Marine Recruiting station. The Chief on duty explained that the Marines didn't have their own Medics ; Navy Corpsmen were assigned to the Marines. I didn't realize it then but this exchange led me on a path to where I am today. I decided then and there that I wanted to join the Navy and serve with the Marines as a medic.
The recruiter told me that I could enlist at 17 if I had permission from my parents.He gave me a form; I brought it home and after considerable discussion , I obtained the necessary signatures. I told my parents that I was assured I wouldn't have to leave until June when I graduated from high school. I had a physical and was notified to appear April 3 for swearing in. Don't worry, this is a formality. June 5 came and I was in boot camp. Graduation was June 17. There were 19 graduates on the stage of the auditorium at Avon High School. One was present as a Navy cap on the chair. That was me. When my name was called, my father accepted my diploma.I have to rely on my imagination to see that chair with the cap and my father walking over to the Superintendent of Schools to take my diploma in his hand. No photos are available