" I just got a call from the wife. Something's come up and I have to go home for a while. Will you sit here at my desk and answer my calls while I'm gone? My secretary called in sick this morning and Jack is all wrapped up in his part-time duty as a drama coach. Don't get me wrong, Jack is still a great Assistant Principal. "

" Sure, Charley. Take your time. Hope everything is OK at home. "

"Thanks, Paul."

I could spare a few hours since I didn't have a class to teach until late afternoon and a union meeting later.

It wasn't long before the phone rang and I barely answered with the usual greeting of "hello" before the rant began. It was my boss, the superintendent.

"That goddamn school committee is driving me crazy. Charley, if the job of super opens for you, don't go for it. You don't know how lucky you are having the high school principalship. I hope you're not too busy. As I've told you before many times , they are a bunch of assholes. Nothing worse than working for a group of small-town, small-minded politicians. Unless it's holding bargaining meetings with that prick, Paul. Ever since he became president of the union I've been praying for something to happen to that bastard. An accident would be OK. I'd even go for a criminal prosecution. If he only knew that the committee is leaning towards accepting his latest offer. That's why they are assholes. I'm going to go on fighting them both, the committee and the union.
By the way, Charley, having you to talk to all these years has made my job somewhat bearable.

Don't forget your promise about your secretary. As you know, my secretary, the old fart, is retiring and I would really like to give the job to your girl. It would be great to have someone here who has great legs, a nice ass and big boobs. "

I clicked the OFF button on the phone and the OFF button on the recorder.

The teachers were ecstatic ! They never expected such a great contract. Neither did I until that day sitting in for the principal.