Lady Bush's Lovers
Chemistry 001
The British visit the PUB when they feel the need to shoot the breeze.
We go to a tavern or bar to shoot the - - - -.
God And The Bell Curve
Thoughts While Dozing
Greening Cheese
The Early Show
Pit Stop
Wise Remarks and not so Wise Replies
Day After Pearl Harbor
Police Reports
American History for and by Smarties
What's In A Name?
The Stolen Tape
The Black Elephant
From: DeGregorio to Gregory
With It and Out of It at the Same Time
The Year Was 1923
USS Constitution
Decisions Decisions
Lost Dog
A Capecodder and Omaha Beach
Donald Rumsfeld and Schroedinger's Cat
Embryos Immigrants and Drugs.
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Cape Cod Canal Mystery
A Piece of Fiction
Pig Roast in Miami
Call Fire Department
Eight Thoughts about Eighty and Octagenarians
Nine Thoughts About Ninety and Nonagenarians